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Newdurabrand sandwich maker new in box
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NewDURABRAND Sandwich Maker NEW!!! 2-Slice Baking Plate 4 Sandwiches Nonstick White
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Sandwich Maker Durabrand electric non-stick baking grill white toaster NEW gift
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NEW Durabrand Sandwich Maker
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NewDurabrand Sandwich Maker
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NewDurabrand Sandwich Maker
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How do I find a user manual for Durabrand Sandwich Maker?

SM305 Durabrand sanwich Maker # I'm looking for a manual, anyone know where I can find one?

The site is using Durabrand http://www.fixya.com/support/durabrand, you can email them and see if they can help you.

h2o_ maker | Dec 01, 2007

I would look on the Internet for Durabrand Sandwich Maker and find a place that sells them. Get in touch with one of them and ask how to get to the manufacturer for more info.

Ed | Dec 01, 2007

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