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Vintage Pyrex Silver Plated Chafing Dish - Made in England
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
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Vintage Leonard Silver Silverplate Chafing Warming Stand with Pyrex Glass Dish
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
Time Left: 29d 6h 7m

Vintage Eton Silver Inc Silverplate Electric Food Warmer w/ Pyrex Liner-Great!
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Time Left: 29d 4h 23m

Vintage Pyrex Glass beverage Carafe with Brass Neck *mid century modern*
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
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Time Left: 4h 37m

Vintage Food Warmer For 2.5 Quart Oval Pyrex Casserole Dishes
Time Left: 15d 2h 36m

VTG ornate silverplate chafing dish food warmer w/pyrex bowl.
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MAYELL Silver Toned 2 Quart Round Food Warmer with Matching Lid & Pyrex Bowl
$19.13Buy It Now: $25.50
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Leonard Silverplate Casserole/pyrex Bowl Chafing Warming Dish English Mfg Silver
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
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Time Left: 3d 3h 17m

NewPyrex-Like Marinex Casserole Buffet Candle Heated Covered Chafing Silver Plated
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
Time Left: 19d 11h 20m

BEAUMET Buenilum Aluminum Aqua Blue Enamel Pyrex Food Warmer Vtg Mid Century
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Time Left: 2d 11h 2m

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How do pyrex glassware products retain heat? What is it made of?

* Conditions: glass products Tupperware, with blankets, which are used to store food. How does it keep the food hot? For how long? What is Pyrex?

This if for an investigation report. I hope to be able to reach a more comprehensive report, with your help. Thank you.

Or Pyrex glass is made from silica sand ie. To maintain the element stored at the temperature of the container walls must be insulated, a poor conductor of heat, to prevent loss of heat to the air.

For the project that you might experience Pyrex and stainless steel containers.

Historybuff | Dec 02, 2006

They are made of glass! They will keep food warm for about 45min.

pitman L | Dec 02, 2006

Can you suggest a lunch bag/box that can keep food hot for 4 hours?

"My son does not like something" compressible. We therefore need to find something that would keep his lunch hot (or warm at least) for 4 hours. We will be packing items like pancakes or spaghetti - nothing really perishable. I tried a heat pack from a pyrex serving dish, but he only stayed warm for several hours.

One such product is called lunch and Go It has an insert for insulated lunch carrier and claims of the heat lasts 5 hours +. She also claims that the child can wear this with ease. To check, go here: The

Another product that is the Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar steel.

| Feb 27, 2010

Four hours is asking a lot, and I do not want to stay "hot" for 4 hours.The chances of thriving bacteria is too great.
Site has a facility to contact us, you might ask.

CYNTHIA | Feb 25, 2010

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Good Housekeeping ... Good Housekeeping ...

Better, juicier foods Notice how the un' dercrust of your Pyrex' baked pie browns as beautifully as the top. ... the dirk will cold water (m: nap, no powder). heated it he ten minute: tlten 'leaned it earth! with the ordinary warmer) [give my china.

The Consultant The Consultant

When specifying food warming equipment, keep these important guidelines in mind: 1. Air Circulation. Warming ... The company has introduced the Pyrex Infrared Heat Tube in a wide line of food warming equipment. Advances like the Pyrex ...

Piñata Sugar Cookies

After the dough balls were colored, I layered the colors in a Pyrex loaf pan lined with plastic wrap and then popped it in the freezer. I had to make my husband wedge it out with a knife (I was too chicken- I thought I would definitely ruin it). If I had used a plastic container instead, it may have come out easier, since the plastic has more give to it. The other thing you want... Except that 2 minutes before my first batch of cookies was done, I realized that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to cut HOT cookies with my PLASTIC cookie cutter. So, I scrambled, and decided to quickly cover the makeshift cookie cutter with aluminum foil. Baking 2 pans worth at a time and trying to cut them all made for some cookies that crumbled a bit. Line a container that is about the same width/height as your donkey cookie cutter (I used a loaf pan, but a plastic container may work better) with plastic wrap. If you want to alternate the colors twice (as I did) split the colored dough balls in two, layer them in any order, and then repeat in the same order. To assemble, place 1 donkey cookie with the baked bottom side up. Outline the center of the piñata body with the frosting glue (no need to outline the ears, legs, or where the hole will be on the next cookie). Put the middle cookie on top of the frosting glue and and your mini M&M's in the hole. Outline the middle cookie with the frosting glue and then place the opposite-cut donkey cookie on top (so that the baked bottom side is facing in). Let them sit for at least 30 minutes before standing them upright.

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A Healthy Winter Diet to Nourish the Body
A Healthy Winter Diet to Nourish the Body During the warm months of the year, we eat cooling foods; during the cooler months, we eat warming foods. Here are some tips . Put veggies in a Pyrex dish (9×12 or 9×9 or larger if you are making a big batch) and drizzle with olive oil. You could

Authentic soup dish is a winter warmer
Authentic soup dish is a winter warmer Place chicken in a 9x12-inch Pyrex glass or Le Creuset (nonporous stoneware) baking pan. Remove chicken neck, giblets and discard. Drizzle the oil all over the chicken. Season liberally with salt and pepper. Stuff the cavity with onions, lemons and herbs.

Thanksgiving Aha! moment: No crowded oven should ever come between you ...
Every year, I follow the same steps to reach this crazy place: I spend an hour or two slicing potatoes, layering the razor-thin rounds in a Pyrex dish and glazing them with garlic-spiked cream, nutmeg, seasonings and lots of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

From high-flying stock trader to bank robber
From high-flying stock trader to bank robber He placed a strainer and Pyrex bowl inside a bag to make it look like he had a bomb. The document accusing Spina of the robbery said a man walked into a Wells Fargo Bank in Coral Gables with a black ski mask over his face and demanded money from 

Charleroi man charged with sexual assault on 11-year-old
Charleroi to help Pyrex mark centennial · Grilli, Bottino Mon City's 'Citizens of the Year' · North Belle Vernon police: Suspicious man seen lurking near area bus stops · Mon Valley food banks busier over holidays · Monongahela teen charged with

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