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Vintage Silver Plated Double Burner Chafin Food Warmer with Pyrex Dish
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
Time Left: 3d 16h 15m

Other Antique Silverplate
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Time Left: 3d 12h 41m

Time Left: 1h 52m

Vintage golden wheat on yellow with copper lid/ pyrex ? food warmer
Other Collectible Cookware
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Time Left: 1d 3h 23m

Large Chafing Dish Food Warmer Pyrex 1233 3 qt Dish Classic Retro Platinum Read!
Time Left: 14d 18h 56m

Other Antique Silverplate
Time Left: 20d 1h 56m

Vintage F. B. Rogers Silver-Plated Food Warmer For Pyrex Interst
Flatware & Silverware
Time Left: 19d 17h 8m

PM Italy Silverplate Warmer w/ Pyrex Glass Insert
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
Time Left: 19d 15h 41m

English Silver Co 1 1/2 QT silverplate chafing dish w/burner & Pyrex dish
Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
Time Left: 26d 23h 19m

Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays
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How do pyrex glassware products retain heat? What is it made of?

* Conditions: glass products Tupperware, with blankets, which are used to store food. How does it keep the food hot? For how long? What is Pyrex?

This if for an investigation report. I hope to be able to reach a more comprehensive report, with your help. Thank you.

Or Pyrex glass is made from silica sand ie. To maintain the element stored at the temperature of the container walls must be insulated, a poor conductor of heat, to prevent loss of heat to the air.

For the project that you might experience Pyrex and stainless steel containers.

Historybuff | Dec 02, 2006

They are made of glass! They will keep food warm for about 45min.

pitman L | Dec 02, 2006

Can you suggest a lunch bag/box that can keep food hot for 4 hours?

"My son does not like something" compressible. We therefore need to find something that would keep his lunch hot (or warm at least) for 4 hours. We will be packing items like pancakes or spaghetti - nothing really perishable. I tried a heat pack from a pyrex serving dish, but he only stayed warm for several hours.

One such product is called lunch and Go It has an insert for insulated lunch carrier and claims of the heat lasts 5 hours +. She also claims that the child can wear this with ease. To check, go here: The

Another product that is the Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar steel.

| Feb 27, 2010

Four hours is asking a lot, and I do not want to stay "hot" for 4 hours.The chances of thriving bacteria is too great.
Site has a facility to contact us, you might ask.

CYNTHIA | Feb 25, 2010

Pyrex Food Warmer - Bookshelf

The Consultant The Consultant

When specifying food warming equipment, keep these important guidelines in mind: 1. Air Circulation. Warming ... The company has introduced the Pyrex Infrared Heat Tube in a wide line of food warming equipment. Advances like the Pyrex ...

Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual
512 pages
Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual

... NM $1,900.00 Food warmer, Chase Brass & Copper Co, holds 3 Pyrex canisters $35.00 Food warmer, Fire-King on blue-tinted glass lid, 3-pc set: hot plate, pan w/handle & glass lid, 10" H, NM $15.00 Food warmer, The Quincy, silver-plated, ...

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His Favorite Things But even when I cook the rinsed leaves in the microwave (in a Pyrex bowl with a glass pie plate on the top to produce steam), I want to get out the excess water before serving the dish. So I grab my shiny stainless ricer. Out streams the excess water

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Downsizing: Deciding What to Keep One of our favorite examples of multi-purpose items are pyrex food storage containers. We carry a variety of sizes that can be Instead of lugging this gear around during the warmer months, we just put it away in storage. We also have a lot of extra

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